About Us

Real life is messy.  But when Jesus was on earth He entered right into all the grime and was the most real and down to earth person of all time.  And He didn’t just play in the mud. He lifted those around out of it and helped them see that He had come so that they would have life and have it to the full.  He helped them see that He could (and did!) CHANGE EVERYTHING by dying on the cross, rising again and paying the price for their (OUR) mess.  And He does that now for each of us.  Does it mean life is easy and clean and  spot free??   Um…NO!  But in His word He promises that He is ALWAYS with us in the dirt and that He gives us His strength to deal.

My messy little world includes my cop husband, one teenager, one special needs kid and one crazy-but-lovable bulldog pup.   Oh, and an aquatic frog that WILL NOT DIE!  Throw me into the salad bowl and it’s one wild time.  Good thing my husband of 21 years is the calming force on our little corner of the road:)

I’d love to hear some of your real life stories as you read some of mine and hopefully we can encourage each other along the way.


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