How Dare YOU!

So you say you’re my long lost uncle.

One of my biological father’s brothers.

You are trying to settle another brother’s estate and want to ask some questions and get to know me. Why now, Emmett?

I got the chance to meet Chuck, my biological father and your brother, 10 years ago. It helped me have some closure and I’m glad we were in touch before Chuck died. I think it was good for both of us.

But you? You want my adoption papers so you don’t have to notify me of what is going on with this other brother’s (my blood uncle) estate?

How dare you private message me now instead of finding me years back to get to know me. How dare you try and wash your hands of me. Wasn’t it enough that your brother, my father came home with a gun when I was 2 and said he was going to kill my mom and me? Enough that we fled for our lives?

How dare you try and dirty my wonderful adoption papers.

My dad, DAN, he is the man who showed me love and took care of me. Who is a helpful father- in-law to my husband and a fantastic grandpa for our boys. He loved me like his own from the start. No he’s not perfect but he chose to adopt me and be my dad.

You, Emmett, are my blood uncle but never cared to know me.

How dare you seek me out now for your own gain.

How dare you.


About morethanwords1

I'm a mom of two very different boys. One has no probelm talking, loves and is gifted at reading and writing and the other has a bright smile, amazing laugh but can barely talk.
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