How come we (Christians) act so superior when, without Jesus, we are all in the same sinking ship?

As Christians our love isn’t just supposed be a warm, gushy feeling but in how we act toward others. As my good friend Stephanie Towers wrote, “Turn compassion into action.” What does this look like for us as believers when we contemplate the recent Supreme Court decision saying all states need to allow gay marriage to be legal?
I can tell you what it does NOT look like. It doesn’t look like angry, hateful comments being made toward the LGBTQ community that’s for sure. As believers we SHOULD be able to SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE. Some of us (me!) veer too much toward the love part and not enough with the speaking the truth part. So we need each other to find the right balance.
Romans 1 tells us, basically, that when we turn to idols instead of worshipping the one true God all sorts of chaos and sin results. Yes, homosexuality is on the list but so is wickedness, greed, envy, strife, deceit and gossip to name just a few. I know I’m guilty of things on this list that’s for dang sure. So how come our Christian community doesn’t talk about the rest of the list? And look out when we get into Romans 2:1.
“You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”
Well, how do we like them apples? We know as Christ followers (or at least we should) that we are all in the sinking ship of sin until we grab ahold of Jesus as the only one who can rescue us– asking him to save us and be our forever friend. So if we are all in the same boat how come we often come off as mean-spirited and superior?


About morethanwords1

I'm a mom of two very different boys. One has no probelm talking, loves and is gifted at reading and writing and the other has a bright smile, amazing laugh but can barely talk.
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