Excuse my french but shit happens….

“Shit happens” or so the saying goes.  But it’s much better when it’s in the toilet instead of all over the carpeted floor at your mom and dad in laws place.  Thankfully the poop mess was in their basement and the carpet is the indoor/outdoor variety in a dark shade.  But still.  I had been so proud of Luke today, Christmas Eve, until that happened.  I have wonderful in laws and love celebrating Jesus birthday with everyone but there are a lot of us in a small space and Luke did GREAT for 3 hours—no meltdowns and mostly happy in spite of all the noise and Christmas chaos.

Then he was left alone in the basement (dumb me!) for a few minutes and the mess happened.  After we got it cleaned up Luke and I headed home but Mike and Brandon are still celebrating at his parent’s  house.

All this has me thinking….two main things.  I can choose to be upset about this (which I was on the car ride home!) or focus on things I’m thankful for.  My attitude and focus is really all I can control anyway.  So I’m thankful for my family.  My brother in law , Steve, who opened the door when Luke and I arrived with a,  “Anything I can do to help?”.  His wife Carrie was one step ahead with things Luke needed.  And my sister-in-law, Kim, created a present for Luke that was truly a labor of love.  Knowing he loves playing with ribbon she used scissors and created a big box of ribbon curly cues for Luke!  I think they may last for a year!

The second thing is this.  If Jesus’ first Christmas was far from perfect (no room at the inn, a cow’s feeding trough to be put in instead of a bassinet) why should I expect mine to be perfect anyway??


About morethanwords1

I'm a mom of two very different boys. One has no probelm talking, loves and is gifted at reading and writing and the other has a bright smile, amazing laugh but can barely talk.
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7 Responses to Excuse my french but shit happens….

  1. jenn says:

    You rock! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Carrie says:

    Thanks for your great comments. He did awesome.

  3. Love this story, Deb! Currier and Ives may be a picturesque “ideal” but your story spells love in a much more meaningful (read: REAL LIFE!) kind of way! Blessings to you! :0)

  4. Jennifer Polizzi says:

    Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me, Deb! Your story reminds me of a recent clean up I had with my mother-in-law. Choosing joy, honoring life, living with God’s grace in the midst of the messiness of life. Congratulations on this blog — maybe it’s been a long time coming? God bless you as you share your life experiences and serve our God as you love your family. Jen

    • Jen, Now I want to know what clean up you had with your mother-in-law!!? And thanks:)

      • Frank and Jennifer Polizzi says:

        Hi Deb, Frank’s mom has dementia; she has been deteriorating at a fairly steady rate, and is now needing more and more intervention. I think I may have talked with Diana about this during one of our dinners a few years back (so sorry we haven’t had one for a while). Anyway, we spend most of Sunday with her and her brother; I go to her home in the morning to get her dressed and bring her to church with us. This past Sunday was a busy day, with family visiting. I was also getting over one of those viruses that go around this time of year. So, really a day that we needed to go well. I walked into her home and could immediately tell something was wrong: she looked different, really off. And, she’d had an accident. I got her cleaned up, mopped, etc., trying not to focus on not feeling good myself, being late for church, and asking myself when was the last time I mopped my own floors. God was gracious to me, reminding me to ask Him for grace and joy. All of this was fresh in my mind when I looked over Frank’s shoulder as he was perusing Facebook and saw that you had started a blog. I took a look at it and was intrigued by the title of the article where I left a comment. A different set of circumstances, but I could so understand what had happened with you and your sweet boy. That’s the story behind my comment; God’s timing was perfect. Say hello to Mike and I look forward to reading future entries! Jen Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 23:00:41 +0000 To: fjpolizzi5@hotmail.com

  5. Oh Jen. So sorry to hear about Frank’s mom….care giving is care giving no matter what the age Jen and I’m sure it’s tough. And you are right that it’s been too long since we’ve seen each other. 2013 sounds like a good year for meeting up;)

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